It's time for a drive vacation. You mapped a route, booked hotels, and made a checklist of things to do before you go.

1. Check tires and tire pressure

Inspect all four tires and, if you have one, the spare tire as well. Look for cuts, gouges or sidewall bulges. Insert a quarter upside down into grooves to check tire tread. If you see the top of George Washington’s head, it is time for new tires.

Check tire pressure when the car has been idle and tires are cool. Inflate as needed to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended pressure. You will find it listed in the owner’s manual and on the sticker of the driver side door jamb. Do not use the number on the tire sidewall.

2. Listen to and feel the brakes

If you hear a grinding sound or feel a vibration when applying the brakes, take your vehicle to an auto repair shop for a brake inspection. A service professional will check the brake system for fluid leaks, and the pads, rotors, shoes and drums.

3. Check the A/C system

You're going to need the air-conditioner in the summer months, and chances are you didn't use it much in the winter. Run the A/C for a bit to see if it still blows cold. Pay attention to any strange noises or odors.

4. Inspect the wiper fluid and wiper blades

Visibility is always important, and you may have used the wiper fluid often to de-ice the windshield. Check the wiper fluid reservoir and top it off if necessary.

5. Keep your car protected from the sun

UV rays are highly damaging to car interiors as well as car paint. Just like you need sun cream if you plan on staying out in the sun for long, your car also needs UV protection. Use sun shades for ideal sun protection, privacy screening, and insect protection, with perfect visibility from the inside, even at night.

6. Get camping gear for nature adventures

You also have the option of using Camper curtains with magnets if you feel like you need more privacy. They are great for wild camping and hardly noticeable from outside the vehicle. Easily fitted within minutes, from inside the vehicle, they will offer privacy and security, day or night.

7. Increase your luggage capacity

Fitting a set of roof bars to your car ads immeasurable versatility and practicality. They're an ideal solution for thousands of people including holidaying families, outdoor adventurists, business owners etc. Whether it's more luggage or baby equipment in a roof box, bikes, surfboards or ladders, a roof rack can handle it.

Roof bars are the solution for every need of transportation on your vehicle It’s the obvious place for large items that are difficult to fit in the cabin of the vehicle. A roof bar is a valuable and versatile accessory for many vehicles, and without one some trips would just not be possible.

8. Add a bike carrier

While your bike might be an excellent means of getting from point A to point B, sometimes it’s necessary to transport your bicycle on a car bike rack in order to get to your riding destination more quickly.

There are four primary types of bike rack mounting systems: trunk mount, roof mount, hitch mount and spare tire mount. An excellent bike carrier with roof mount is the Hakr Cyklo Pro, which allows easy and safe transport for one bicycle.

If you don’t mind lifting bikes on top of your vehicle, this type of car bike rack is the perfect choice for the serious cycling or outdoor enthusiast because of how versatile it can be.